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Enthralled by the sublime of majestic wild vistas, Shaun Goh is a Singaporean composer and producer based in San Francisco. ​With a broad game audio background as both composer and sound designer, Shaun's experience encompasses both AAA and indie games. Clients he has worked with include Tencent, UK-based indie game studio Material10, music AI startup Musiio (now part of Soundcloud), National University of Singapore, among others. 

Shaun spent his formative years in Singapore, training under the late pianist 巫漪丽 (Elaine Yi-Li Wu), and singing under the tutelage of international award-winning choral conductor Nelson Kwei.​

Shaun has had numerous commercial releases, including with Knightvision (Warner Music), and leading Singapore-based label Umami Records. ​His music has been supported by Spotify and Apple Music editorial playlists, Spinnin Records, among others. His work has also been featured in the press (Straits Times, Philippine Daily Inquirer), as well as on influential music blogs such as Bandwagon Asia. Shaun loves working with musicians across the genre-spectrum, allowing him to draw on a myriad of vibrant soundscapes, colours and experiences, always writing with a strong melodic focal point.

He has also recently been named 2023 Game Audio Network Guild Scholar. 

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